Revolutionizing Video Streaming: Experience 8K and 4K on 3G Networks with Compress2X and Yanjing Dashang’s Pioneering Partnership

As we stand at the crossroads of technological innovation, many of us couldn’t have envisioned a reality where ultra-high-definition videos like 8K and 4K could be streamed seamlessly over networks as minimalistic as 3G. However, as disclosed in a recent PRESS RELEASE, this feat is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality.

Yanjing Dashang Cloud Data Shareholdings, Inc. (YDCD) and Compress2X have announced a game-changing partnership. This collaboration will reshape YDCD’s shareholding construct and infuse the market with Compress2X’s revolutionary video compression solutions. Such is the depth of their synergy that Yanjing Dashang will embed the “Compress2X” brand into its official company identity.

The press release further details the role of PRESS2 B.V, which stands as the vanguard for Compress2X, set to introduce this transformative video compression technology in China. As part of this alliance, the responsibilities ranging from sales, operations, to technical support will be shouldered by the newly rebranded Yanjing Dashang Cloud Data entity. The commitment is unambiguous: to bestow the market with unparalleled video compression technology. Notably, tech giants like Tik Tok, Tencent, Huawei, and Vulcano have already earmarked Compress2X for their innovation hubs.

Now, as you delve into the PRESS RELEASE below, brace yourself for an era where quality video streaming knows no bandwidth boundaries, all thanks to the vision and innovation of Compress2X and Yanjing


Compress2X and Yanjing Dashang Cloud Data Announce Strategic Partnership

The Board of Directors of Yanjing Dashang Cloud Data Shareholdings, Inc. (YDCD) is

delighted to announce a strategic cooperation with Compress2X. This partnership entails a

significant reorganization of YDCD’s shareholding structure, as well as the introduction of

Compress2X’s advanced video compression solutions.

As a testament to the synergy and commitment between both companies, Yanjing Dashang

Cloud Data Shareholdings, Inc. will incorporate “Compress2X” into their official company


PRESS2 B.V, representing Compress2X’s interests, will be spearheading the registration of

its proprietary video compression technology products in China under the banner of the newly

rebranded Yanjing Dashang Cloud Data company.

Yanjing Dashang Cloud Data Shareholdings, Inc. will assume responsibility for:

• Sales and Marketing

• Operations and Administration

• Level 1 and Level 2 Technical Support, post-training and certification by

Compress2X B.V.’s expert technical team.

This collaboration underscores both companies’ commitment to delivering top-tier video

compression technology to the market. Both YDCD and Compress2X are excited about this

venture and look forward to a prosperous and innovative future together.

End of Press Release