Prestoox Presents: The Future of Compression

Compress 2X Showcases Advanced Compression at IBC
Written by Kevin Emmott

Compress 2X, a leading Dutch tech firm, made its debut at IBC, showcasing its groundbreaking video compression solution. The technology is touted to offer a staggering 99.7% reduction in file size, without compromising on quality.

In addition to their video solutions, they’re also rolling out a cutting-edge picture compression service. This new addition complements their already renowned video codecs.

Founder and CEO Soerinder Dataram expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “IBC is the ideal platform for our technology unveiling. Our dedication of 22 years into this algorithm ensures that it’s adaptable across all formats, ensuring quality while minimizing size.”

Their offerings come in two versions:
1. **Press 2X** – A general batch-system video compression tool.
2. **Press 2X Professional** – A specialized version curated for sectors like corporate enterprises, defense, healthcare, security, and entertainment. This professional variant boasts compatibility with a wide range of formats, including MP4, TS, MOV, AV1, HLS, and MXF.

Stay tuned to Prestoox for more updates on Compress 2X and the future of compression technology.