Significant cost reduction

Up to 99.7% compression rate

Without loss of visual quality

Optimized to increase energy and cost efficiency

The use of video content has experienced exponential growth in the last decade, the content is not only used for personal purposes but also in many areas, such as entertainment, education, business, and work. Compress2X developed solutions that are optimized to increase energy and most importantly cost efficiency across various industries.

Streaming services

Military applications

Drones, Intelligence



Law enforcement

Evidence management


Streaming services

Entertainment is one of the largest industries in the world. TV, movies, and various streaming content fall under the broad umbrella of entertainment. With every passing year, streaming services evolve, offering new features and higher-quality original content. At the same time, new industry players are emerging left and right.

Law Enforcement

Evidence management

Digital video is the future of law enforcement; the next 5 years should witness an explosion of change and innovation in digital video technology. Understanding how digital video works is crucial to understanding its limitations, advantages, and how it can be used in court.



Governments and police departments worldwide are constantly on the lookout for new features that will help prevent crime. CCTV is just one way they are hoping to improve safety, especially in public spaces. Along with their self-learning systems, features like object tracking, two-way audio and facial recognition make AI CCTV cameras an advanced and effective video security solution.


Health and diagnosis

Over the past 30 years, technological developments of CT have contributed to the success of CT in many clinical applications such as trauma, oncology, cardiac imaging, and stroke. Advanced clinical applications have and will continue to demand more advanced technology development.


Drones and intelligence

High-definition video files are huge. So increasingly large amounts of expensive bandwidth are required to view video real-time for every combat and surveillance mission. The combination of artificial intelligence, video analytics, and compression technologies will lead to an exponential increase in the utility and value of military applications.

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