Significant cost reduction

Up to 99.7% compression rate

Without loss of visual quality

Compression Redefined

Our methods encode all types of content, so bandwidth and size are greatly reduced without loss of your data quality. In fact, our technology will reduce the average file size of any uncompressed content by 99.7% or over 500 times smaller than any other lossless compression technology. Below you will find some technical analysis data.

SD, HD, Full HD, UHD (2K, 4K and 8K)

Encode your content using our solution and your existing networks and devices to:
Provide access to new customers in low bandwidth areas worldwide (more than 60% of the population).

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our solutions. However, if you can not find the answer to your question you can always contact us.

Do I need a new player?

No, because every standard player plays MP4 and other most common formats. For HLS you need a HLS video player.

Do I need to buy new software?

No, you don't need to buy new software.

Do I need to buy new hardware?

You need MAC OS.

What is the output format?

MP4, TS, MOV, AV1 and/or HLS.

Ready for cost effective video compression?

Cut the costs, not the quality.